Digital Advertising

Digital display advertising drives visits that convert into sales.

Our effective analysis and solutions will help reach qualified prospects to generate sales leads with the highest potential for conversion.

Your advertising can be keyword driven to display ads on websites with content that matches the words the campaign targets. We can also target by displaying your ads on chosen sites to deliver a specific message to a qualified audience. As well, we can serve ads to people who have already visited your website and established themselves as prospects.

Quincify’s Digital Advertising Services

Data Driven Audience

Using first-, second-, and third-party data, deliver hyper-targeted ad content to your audiences based on their online and physical location interests.

Audience Targeting

Target audiences and deliver ads anywhere in the world based on geography, demographic, behavior, and context.

New Movers

Target people who are moving or have just moved into new home with near real-time results. Our system refreshes twice daily and connects advertisers to customers in just hours, not weeks.

IP Select Targeting

One-to-One, 100% Cookie-Free
Match postal addresses with IPs and serve targeted ads to specific homes or buildings, using the IP address as the entry point.


Deliver display or video messages to any location-based mobile device within a certain geographic location.