Web Design Strategies for High Quality Lead Generation

Web Design Strategies for High Quality Leads - Quincify

With few exceptions, it’s impossible to be a competitive business today without a well-designed website. The fact is that customers expect you to have one, and if you don’t it can put you at a real disadvantage. Most businesses already know this, but what they don’t always understand is the role their website plays in generating high quality leads.

Your website should be your number one lead generation tool. If it’s not producing leads for your business, then it’s simply not performing. As a small business that relies on lead generation, you can’t take any chances on not having a site that’s optimized for success.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult to include lead generating elements into your web design. When you need a site that performs, here are 3 web design strategies that you’ll want to adopt.

Web Design Strategies - Quincy, IL - Quincify

Get to Know SEO

This is the first strategy on our list because it’s the most basic. You can’t generate leads if search engines aren’t prioritizing your pages, and you need a comprehensive SEO strategy to make this happen. But, did you know that Google uses a system of more than 200 ranking factors, and that they change frequently?

To maximize lead generation, you need to really understand the ranking factors that will earn you a priority position and grab the attention of potential leads.

While SEO can be complex, for small businesses it all starts with knowing your audience, identifying the segment that they want to target for leads and then building a strategy that includes relevant keywords, engaging content and most importantly, a top-notch user experience.

Optimize for Local Customers

If you’re a local small business, there’s a good chance that your customers are going to be found…locally. The key to attracting local leads is optimizing your website design with features that are known to appeal to mobile customers.

Features like responsive design, voice search optimization and social media content all make the process of converting local traffic into leads that much easier.

Let Your Web Pages Do the Heavy Lifting

Think about the businesses with websites that you love to shop. The first time you were there, what were some of the elements that spoke to you and made the decision to stay around easier?

Once a visitor is on your website, it’s all about providing value and an intuitive experience. This means that they should immediately understand why they are on your site, and how to perform every action that they want to take. Webpages should include design elements that do all the hard work.

For example, if a visitor is interested in subscribing to your newsletter, have you made the process easy with a clearly defined, captivating call to action?

Now is the time to look at your website’s features and lead generation potential. Is your site easy to navigate? Is there an obvious value message? What is your bounce rate and when are they leaving? Answering these questions will help you discover solutions that will keep visitors lingering on your site a little longer – which is key to lead generation.

Are you ready to see more performance from your web design and to start getting the leads you deserve? We’re the digital marketing team that can help. Contact Quincify today if you need help with putting together a website that engages visitors and converts leads.

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