Unlocking the Potential of Video Marketing for Your Business

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Video isn’t just a great component of digital marketing. It’s essential.

You have a goal: to engage your customers and generate the type of response that leads to successful, long-term client relationships. It isn’t just about getting more clicks. You want to build a future for your brand.

Video is one of the most valuable tools for making this happen.

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Why Video Is the Miracle Worker of a Great Digital Campaign

You’ve heard the rumors, and maybe you’ve even looked at the numbers. In the past year, video has become the cornerstone of great digital marketing campaigns. It’s so influential that 82% of businesses agree it’s crucial for effective marketing.

The bottom line? Video content crushes marketing goals. Here’s how.

Video is engaging, and it drives home your message more than any other type of content can. In fact, including just one video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

This shouldn’t come as too much of surprise. For most people, including your audience, vision is the dominant sense. We’re visually stimulated and retain visual input longer than other forms, which is what makes video so impactful.

Video builds trust. It’s an opportunity to provide unique, valuable content to your audience. Anyone can hide behind words, but video puts a face and a voice to the business name. It builds a sense of trustworthiness and authenticity for your brand.

Bonus: not only will your audience show you more love, but so will Google. Pages that contain video content are more likely to end up on the first page of Google search results, and they’re the perfect place to optimize your SEO.

Video marketing is a strategic move that creates magic. Are you expected to create these miracles on your own? Of course not. We want to help.

The Value of Corporate Video Production

While there are unlimited reasons that video is right, there are some ways that it can go wrong. Whether you’re new to video marketing or already have your feet wet but aren’t seeing the results you want, sometimes all you need is a little outside help and perspective.

Corporate video production services can help you with this.

There’s a lot that goes into great video, and you already have your hands full. Relieving the stress by placing this crucial part of your business in trusted hands is arguably one of the biggest benefits of partnering with Quincify. There are more practical advantages for your business, as well. Here’s a quick glance at what a corporate video service provides:

  • Strategy: You can’t create great videos without a great strategy. A comprehensive strategy should include market research, looking at your market, their personas, and their buying habits as well as a close look at what your competitors are and aren’t doing. Focus on making unique content to stand out among the crowd.
  • Production: This is one area where many businesses don’t feel comfortable. Unless you’re in the video production business, it’s probably not your area of expertise. With quality video production services, you know you are covered on every aspect, from scripting and branding all the way through the production process. Poor video production quality can actually hurt your brand image.
  • Marketing: Now, it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labors, but first you need a solid marketing strategy that places your video where it needs to be to see results.

At Quincify, we pride ourselves on your success. We’ve created a corporate video production service that allows us to generate success for you. Connect with us today and let us help build your brand with amazing video content.