A Quick Guide to Using Video on Social Media for Small Businesses

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We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Social media has become part of our culture, and our smartphones are never more than an arm’s reach away. Daily life and how we interact with each other is strikingly different than it was even a decade ago.

Technology has led to this evolution. For small businesses, this technology is a great thing. It’s made it easier for businesses to connect with audiences that were previously out of their reach. To best capitalize on these advances marketers need to examine how to effectively market small businesses in the digital age

Right now, there’s one medium that you should be focusing on-video.

With our short attention spans and constant thirst for information and entertainment, video is a platform that appeals to all ages and all markets. It isn’t going anywhere. It’s estimated that by 2021, nearly 80% of mobile traffic will be video.

Unsure where to start with social media video? Here’s a quick rundown of the best video platforms and how to optimize video on each.

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Last summer, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Facebook community had officially reached a population of 2 billion people. That’s more than a quarter of the entire world’s population on one social network.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a small business’s best friend.

Facebook also has a user base that loves videos, making it the perfect platform to test the waters of video marketing. For starters, Facebook gives you options with both standard videos and live content.

Audiences love live content. It builds an image of trust and authenticity for your brand, while appealing to the audience’s fear of missing out. Live video is content that is recorded and shared as it’s happening. This is great for live events such as grand openings, product releases, and performances.

Traditional video is content that is usually scripted, filmed, and then posted at your discretion. This type of video is perfect for content like a tutorial where the viewer may want to watch it repeatedly.

The key to Facebook video success is timing. By using Facebook analytics you can see when your customers are online and what content is speaking to them. There is now need to guess when all the numbers are right at your fingertips.

Instagram Stories

Instagram, as a social network, is on a serious upswing in popularity. With an audience that’s a bit different than Facebook, you’re going to want to use Instagram stories to connect with the slightly younger section of your market.

Here are a few best practices for Instagram Stories:

  • Instagram stories are quick snippets that last only 15 seconds. This means getting your brand and your intention out there in the first couple seconds.
  • Create videos that don’t need sound. Let your video tell your brand’s story. Many people watch video with the sound off, so this is key. Those that do listen prefer music over voice.
  • Instagram is known for filters. Don’t neglect them in your video content.


The word “video” is practically synonymous with YouTube. The social channel’s entire network is based on the premise of sharing great video content.

To optimize YouTube for your small business, focus on these types of videos:

  • 360° Content: This type of video is a melding of traditional videos and virtual reality. Viewers can control the angle and perspective they’re viewing from to create a unique experience. For example, this would be ideal for realtors who wanted to replace the standard walk-through video.
  • Live Streaming: Like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube offers live streaming. On a platform loaded with content, live streaming gives you a competitive advantage.
  • How-To: Tutorial videos are huge on YouTube right now. No matter what your small business, you should always have expertise to share. This is the perfect tool for doing it.

Where is video marketing going to take your small business this year?

We’re here to help you along the way. Connect with the video producers and social media experts at Quincify and we will get started developing the best video strategy for your business today.

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