How to Bring Your Brand to Life with Website Videos

Video Production for Websites

Video has become a key engagement building tool for brands of all sizes. A short 30-second video on your website can captivate and encourage viewers to linger just a little while longer – something that’s a critical component in nurturing conversions.

No matter what type of business you have, adding just one video to your website can transform the average visitor into an enthusiastic customer. In fact, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video.

If engagement and conversion aren’t enough to help you see the light, we can also add in the SEO boost that video provides. As it is, 94% of businesses see video as an effective marketing tool, and you can make it work just as hard for you. The only question is what types of videos you should be using to produce such great results.

Here are three ways of captivating, engaging and boosting sales with website video.

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Product Videos

Product videos are the “commercials” of the digital age. Visitors to your website might be instantly put off by a pop up or advertisement that feels forced, but when you place a product video on your site, you’re providing them with valuable information that they can consume on their own terms.

Lack of product information often serves as a roadblock to conversion. Product descriptions and FAQ pages don’t always satisfy a customer’s curiosity the way a video can. Think of it as a virtual catalog that brings your products to life, with a bonus point if it includes a demonstration.


Consumers are frequently hesitant to invest in a brand that they’re not familiar with. They’re slow to engage because you’re an unfamiliar business, but how do you get to know each other if they shy away – it’s a classic Catch-22 of business.

Testimonials on your website are a great way of providing validation to nervous consumers, but you can optimize their effectiveness by presenting them in video form. There are few things more convincing that hearing a satisfied customer rave about your brand. The key is to use real customers and not actors, so reach out through your email list or social media and encourage a few customers to share their love via a testimonial video.


Consumers and search engines alike love great content. The best content is entertaining, relevant and easy to consume. As mobile usage has gone up, attention spans have decreased and traditional blogs don’t always get the love they deserve.

Why not take your amazing blog content, transform it into a video and present it on your website? Mobile users are more likely to watch video than they are to read text, and vlogging opens the doorway to providing visitors with the type of content they want and will be willing to come back for. What happens when they return and spend even more time on your website? One word – conversions.

Video to Build Instant Brand Awareness

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the many ways you should be using video on your website. Video solutions like an about us, explainer, big reveal and industry Q&A are just a few of the other examples we’d like to introduce you to. When you’re ready to leverage the power of video for your brand, contact Quincify and discover how our range of digital marketing services can help.

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