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One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional advertising, whether that be through the newspaper, the radio, or the yellow pages, is that there really is no way to tell whether it’s working. Digital marketing, thanks to its data-driven approach, is a completely different story, to say nothing of the reach that the internet can have for generating leads.

Here at Quincify, we want to personalize data-driven digital marketing campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes in the Waterloo, IA area, all with a focus toward bringing in and converting new leads.

Iowa Web Design

Think of a business website as a representation of everything a company stands for. If the website doesn’t look professional or is confusing or frustrating to use, potential customers may assume the same thing about the business itself. Quincify graphic designers can ensure that businesses are putting their best foot forward on the web with an attractive, functional professional website.

Online Marketing in Waterloo

Quincify reaches customers in and around Waterloo, IA through internet advertising with marketing tactics like geo-fencing and IP targeting, both of which make sure the ads reach the eyes for which they are intended.

Search Engine Marketing Iowa

To really make the most of internet advertising, a business is best served by optimizing their website for search engine queries. If customers can’t find a solution to their Google search on the first page of results, they likely never will see the website. SEO ensures certain websites pop up high in those results in coordination with specific keywords.

TV Marketing in Waterloo, IA

Televison commercials are still an effective way to reach certain audiences. Quincify can film and professionally edit an ad for TV that works for the digital landscape as well, reaching even more customers.

Iowa Social Media Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are great for staying connected with customers. Quincify can develop a social media strategy that places our clients on the social media platforms that will make the most impact.

Brand Management Waterloo, IA

Quincify marketing specialists and graphic designers can work with you to develop a logo and slogan to keep your branding consistent and at the forefront at customers’ minds. Whether you’ve been in business a hundred years or are a new startup, we can make your branding vision a reality.

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Scott Albanese

Scott Albanese

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About Waterloo, IA

Occupying both banks of the Cedar River, Waterloo, IA is the largest city in Black Hawk County. Waterloo is known for its diverse population, as well as being one of Iowa’s most notably historic cities. Much of the city’s history is preserved in its architecture, where original brick factories and stone buildings can be seen all along the streets. Though it is still expanding in size, Waterloo preserves the comforting, homey appeal of a small town.

The city underwent exponential growth around the turn of the 20th century, thanks to a large boom in manufacturing and railroads. Home of the John Deere Factory Assembly Plant, this city is still one of the state’s biggest manufacturing hubs. It has also seen a rise in the health care and education fields, like many cities across the state. The city’s diversity in both populations and industries makes it ideal for local businesses to create thriving customer bases.

With so much to offer in Waterloo, Quincify knows the importance of getting our clients’ messages out there. Like our sister property, KWWL, our digital advertising agency strives tell our clients’ stories in the strongest way possible, staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology and the latest digital marketing trends.

Beyond Waterloo, Quincify’s online marketing services are also offered to cities like Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque, and the surrounding area. Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, web design, brand management, or anything in between, Quincify is here for your digital marketing needs.

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