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With so much of the world going digital, it makes sense that there has been a strong shift in the past couple of decades toward digital marketing and internet advertising. Quincify wants to help businesses of all sizes in and around Eau Claire, WI to catch up and make the most of their brands.

As a respected digital marketing agency, Quincify is eager to help your business find its place in the digital landscape. By customizing marketing strategies for each individual client, we can bring in new leads for businesses that simply do not know how to make the most of the internet for advertising.

Web Design Wisconsin

Potential customers can tell a lot about a business based on the way their website looks, which is why an older or outdated site can be hurtful to companies trying to reach more people. Our team can build or spruce up business websites so that they not only look better, but run faster with better UX.

Wisconsin SEO

Part of that website design process can come by way of search engine optimization, which optimizes the way content is delivered to Google so that certain search terms yield results that lead to specific professional websites. If the search engines do not see a website as relevant, there is a real possibility that customers will not even get a chance to see it.

Social Media Marketing Services in Eau Claire

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… Do you have time to post on all of the social media networks that are relevant to your brand? Quincify can help businesses diversify their reach by engaging potential customers with social media posts across several platforms.

Digital Display Advertising Wisconsin

Imagine being able to track the ROI of a billboard or target a narrow audience with a newspaper ad. That’s now possible using the digital equivalents: PPC and display ad campaigns. By focusing on specific Wisconsin locations and homing in on certain subsets of customers, Quincify can help ensure that the right people find your website and services.

Brand Management in Eau Claire, WI

Visual presentation and brand identity matter in effective online marketing: the logo is what many customers will remember when they think of a business. Quincify graphic designers and marketing specialists can help businesses come up with memorable, aesthetically-pleasing logos and an effective brand identity to match.

Wisconsin Video Production

Quincify can meet the needs of those interested in developing digital video for online advertising by planning engaging concepts and developing professional videos for publication on websites that will help drive more potential customers to a business.

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Julie Schmidt - Digital Marketing Consultant - Eau Claire, WI

Julie Schmidt

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About Eau Claire, WI

Derived from the French “clear water,” Eau Claire, WI is the most prominent city in the Chippewa Valley region. Surrounded by natural beauty and split by the winding Chippewa River, Eau Claire is a picturesque Wisconsin town fit for a postcard. Though it may seem quaint, this city is anything but. Its upscale vibe of breweries, art galleries, and music venues seamlessly ties in the hip nightlife with the peaceful, nostalgic comfort of its past.

Historically, Eau Claire was a lumber town, then a manufacturing city. Today, education is a driving force in the community where there are two public high schools, two charter schools, and two private schools. There are also two public and two private colleges in the city, one of which is the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire. Retail is another prominent aspect of Eau Claire’s economy.

In a town as unique as Eau Claire, local businesses want to stand out in their industries. That’s what Quincify does best. Our digital advertising agency, a sister property of WQOW, works with our clients to create the best digital marketing strategies to meet their needs. We provide the same reliable, dedicated service as WQOW in the digital space, enhancing our clients’ online presence with the latest technology and digital marketing trends.

Quincify is proud to offer online marketing services like web design, SEO, social media marketing, video production, brand management, and so much more. If your business is in the Chippewa Valley area, from Chippewa Falls to Menomonie, Quincify is here for you.

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