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Every business knows they have to advertise, but not every business knows exactly how to go about doing that in a way that will yield the best results. Gone are the days when a few radio spots and an ad in the yellow pages were enough to draw in local business. Instead, the internet is where many businesses are turning, and here at Quincify, we look forward to helping businesses in and around Peoria, IL find their voice in digital marketing.

Our services are catered to the specific needs of every client, which is something we determine by spending real time with the people running these businesses to discover what they need and want in an ad campaign. Everything is personalized and much of it is digital, the combined effect of which is more leads and plenty of new customers.

Peoria Web Design

First impressions matter, and many potential customers will get their first impressions of a business based on their professional website. Knowing this, Quincify hopes to help businesses put together a website that is both attractive and easy to use.

SEO Services Peoria IL

When people are entering keywords into Google looking for a local business, they are not likely to look past the first page of search results to find their solution. Quincify can help optimize a website to ensure that Google views it as relevant enough to appear high on search results for specific key terms.

Peoria TV Production Services

Video is booming right now, not only in terms of television spots but also in terms of internet advertising. Don’t own professional equipment or editing software? Quincify offers professional video recording and editing services so that clients can make the most of this medium in their marketing campaign.

Illinois Social Media Marketing Agency

Every business understands the importance of connecting with potential customers on social media, but managing several accounts across platforms in a way that is meaningful and engaging to followers can be a challenge. The experts at Quincify can create compelling posts for organic social media campaigns as well as set up paid social advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital Marketing Peoria IL

Part of what makes online advertising so challenging for some businesses is figuring out how to focus their marketing efforts in a way that allows local users to find them. Thanks to tactics like IP targeting and geo-fencing, Quincify can help these businesses appeal to the local customers they are actually trying to reach.

Peoria Brand Marketing Agency

Strong branding is important, so count on the Quincify experts and graphic designers to come up with a professional logo and memorable slogan. Being recognizable is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

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Jenny Johnson - Digital Marketing Consultant - Peoria, IL

Jenny Johnson

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About Peoria, IL

Right along the western bank of the Illinois River lies Peoria, IL, the largest city on the river. The city has made incredible work of fusing its rich cultural history with the excitement of contemporary living. The rise of industrialism was extremely benevolent to the city, transforming it into a thriving river city. Much of this influence can still be seen in its architecture, both historical and new. The arts also played a significant role in Peoria’s flourishing, and still do to this day. There is no shortage of music venues, theatres, and galleries in the city, all of which generate great revenue for the city.

The effect of the engineering boom still continues in Peoria. Some of the most prominent businesses and industries in Peoria are still manufacturing, construction, and other industrial services. However, it’s also seen a great surge in the health care, retail, and education sectors. Peoria’s diversified economy and cultural interests is ideal for small and medium businesses to prosper.

That’s where Quincify comes in. Our digital marketing agency assists clients in establishing and promoting their branding, creating trust and authority among their potential clients. Like our sister property, WEEK, we strive to ensure your business stands out from the crowd, utilizing the latest trends in digital advertising to secure your success.

Along with Peoria, Quincify’s digital marketing services extend into Bloomington-Normal, Decatur, Morton, and the surrounding area. Whether your business needs a new web design, SEO services, social media marketing, or any form of brand marketing, Quincify is dedicated to delivering the best results.

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