Branding 101: The Role of Direct Mail

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With all the ways to digitally market your business, it might seem that direct mail is falling by the wayside. The thing is, even with all these options available, brands are still finding it a challenge to reach new audiences and engage with existing customers. Direct mail is a way to combat this challenge.

Regarding effectiveness and ROI, direct mail is the underdog that surprisingly takes the lead. Think about this: consumers spend an average of 118% more time considering direct mail than they do digital ads. That’s a number that might surprise you.

The fact is direct mail isn’t just relevant, but it’s the unexpected powerhouse of a strong marketing strategy. Here’s why direct mail is still important, even in an ever-growing digital age.

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Direct Mail Delivers a Personal Touch

Think about how most brands approach their marketing strategy. The goal is to reach as many customers in their target audience as possible. By default, it’s impossible for most types of advertising to be personal. Your ad that gets published on television or even the local newspaper might be targeted, but it isn’t individualized, and customers know this.

Now, there isn’t anything bad about this, but it’s a lot easier to ignore an advertisement when it isn’t aimed at you personally. On the other hand, direct mail can be personalized to address the individual customer. It makes them take notice and consider the message or offer that you’re sharing, which makes direct mail incredibly effective.

Direct Mail is Difficult to Ignore

To understand this, you really don’t need to do anything more than examine your own behaviors. We can skip right through television commercials, and we all have a spam folder that catches those emails we have no interest in opening. Out of sight, out of mind.

But direct mail is different. Sure, some of it might go directly into the recycling bin, but let’s talk about what else happens.

A customer grabs their mail and skims through it. They come across your direct mail piece and recognize your brand instantly because you’ve taken the effort to be consistent and effective with visual design.

They stop and look at it.

Now, at this point, one of two things will happen. Either they’ll be instantly interested, or they’ll set it aside mindlessly. Either way, your direct mail ad is sitting there in front of them as a reminder of your offer. Direct mail keeps your brand on their mind for longer than other forms of advertisement.

Direct Mail as One Component of a Successful Marketing Strategy

You shouldn’t rely solely on direct mail to take care of all your marketing. But direct mail can be extremely effective and is a stronger marketing tool than many businesses realize.

Are you currently leveraging direct mail in your marketing campaign? Would you like to know more about making direct mail a successful part of your strategy? Contact Quincify: we’d love to talk with you about how direct mail can build your brand today.

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