And The Telly Goes to…

Quincify Telly Award

Each year, the Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all platforms. Judged by industry leaders, the Tellys represent those at the cutting edge of the video industry. At this year’s 39th annual awards, the video team at Quincify received a Silver Telly Award for their Winters Insurance-Perspective video.

The unique video concept used the tilt-shift technique and aerial videography to capture the busy lives of people within the community. By using these techniques with copy that told the client’s story, Alex Berryman and Caroline Campbell created a captivating video that not only got the advertisers message across but engaged viewers from start to finish. According to Sabrina Dridje, Managing Director of the Telly Awards, “Quincify is pushing the boundaries for video and television innovation and creativity at a time when the industry is rapidly changing. This award is a tribute to the talent and vision of its creators.”

The Tellys winner announcement caps a year-long initiative by the Telly Awards to rebuild the honors for the multi-screen era. Throughout 2017-2018 the Tellys refashioned their categories to honor the type of work being made by leading producers, including branded content, social video and animation, as well as working with industry experts to identify important industry categories where technology was playing an impactful role in the ways stories are now being told: Virtual Reality, Interactive and 360 Video. To judge all this new and innovative work, the Tellys recruited more than 200 new judges, from companies such as Vimeo, Duplass Productions’ Donut, ustwo, Discovery Networks, VaynerMedia and Framestore.

For Alex, Quincify’s video production specialist, this project has just whet his appetite for more challenging projects to come. “What an honor it is to receive a Telly Award, our first here at Quincify. Thanks to our team for allowing us to follow an incredibly ambitious idea and making it a reality, culminating with this recognition. I am excited for what the future brings with our productions at Quincify and eager to push boundaries on what ambitious ideas truly are.”

Never ones to rest on our laurels, the team at Quincify is already working on new ways to up our game.

The Telly Awards Logo Quincify Team With Telly Award Silver Telly Award Winner